Wednesday, July 15, 2015


This is a shovel for collecting moon rocks. It can also scoop up legos.

This is an astronaut. He can fly using his jetpack. 

This is a moon racer. It can drive really fast and it shows how fast you're going.

This is a rover. It can also drive really fast like the moon racer. And it is lean and long. 

This is a space shuttle. It is heavy. It is big. It can carry a lot of things. I built it with my mom.

It can fly really fast. These are the boosters.

This is the astronaut inside. She can fly using her jetpack.


  1. Awesome! I don't think shuttles can land on the moon, though. Maybe she needs a lunar lander module to take her up to the shuttle?

    1. Levi says, "It's a rocket. This one's special and it just lands on the moon."

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  2. Those are great, Levi. It is neat that your mom can help you find the pieces.

  3. I really like your explanations, Levi!