Saturday, December 12, 2015

high speed board

This is a high speed board. It goes fast. For some reason, the car ran out of gas before electricity was even made. 

This board is made with electricity and it lasts 144 hours (which is 18x8 because 18 is a lot and 8 times that is a lot a lot.)

This board transports you. If you want it to go where you want to go, you have to type in your information, because if you do, it will know who you are. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

plane, cat, and car

This is a pull back car. It's really cool. It has BYU colors. It is a Technic car that Grandma Ruth got for me. It's fast and me and my cousin Caleb and my sister Anna pulled it back. My favorite part is how it looks. It has a bunch of boosters and I like BYU.

This is a super hero jet or a police jet. It has two jet engines under the wings. I built it myself with my mom's help to find the right pieces.

This is a really fast cat. It is a race car driver's cat. I gave it to my mom for her birthday. I need to put a tail on it. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


This is a shovel for collecting moon rocks. It can also scoop up legos.

This is an astronaut. He can fly using his jetpack. 

This is a moon racer. It can drive really fast and it shows how fast you're going.

This is a rover. It can also drive really fast like the moon racer. And it is lean and long. 

This is a space shuttle. It is heavy. It is big. It can carry a lot of things. I built it with my mom.

It can fly really fast. These are the boosters.

This is the astronaut inside. She can fly using her jetpack.